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​    Bale Bale Magaduvoy


Screening on 5th September Saturday at 8:15pm & 8:45pm,
at ​Regal Twin Cinemas,381 Honour Ave(Opp. Train Stn.)​, Graceville

Staring  : Nani, Lavanya Tripathi, Vennela Kishore, Sithara,
           ​Murli Sharma
Director : Maruthi Dasari
Music    : Gopy Sunder (of 'Bangalore Days' fame)
Producer : Geetha Arts & UV Creations

​​​Tickets are sold at the Cinemas on the same day.(450 Seating Capacity)
Adult: $20
Kids under 12 yrs:​​ Free

​​Show Timings:​​​
5th September, Saturday at 8:15pm & 8:45PM  
Regal Twin Cinemas, 381 Honour Ave, Graceville(Opp. Train Stn) 

Facebook: ​​https://www.facebook.com/sapphire.movies

​​For enquiries please contact,
Rajesh Yarlagadda
​0404 180 101